Pig farming

In 1996 PrJSC «Agro-Soyuz» had 200 pigs.

In 1998 two experimental pig farms were built:

  • «Romanovskiy», with a capacity of 24-26 thousand hybrid pigs per year
  • «Octyabrskiy» — a grow/finish farm with a capacity of 13000 pigs per year

Today, Agro-Soyuz pig farming business is represented by the enterprise, which has a closed cycle of pork production with separate finishing and reproduction areas.

The farm has established a model of step-by-step development of pig farming by creating a vertically integrated system, which is based on biosecurity principles and quality genetic material.

Development of pig farming is a strategic area of PrJSC «Agro-Soyuz».

Taking this into account, more than 10 large projects were established with the aim to increase capacity of the business, improve productivity of animals and reduce feed costs and cost of production of 1 kg of pork live weight.

  • There is an agreement with DanBred company to deliver elite baby pigs from the Netherlands and Denmark to grow/finish facilities of Agro-Soyuz.
  • The territory of sales is now expanding; pigs (live weight) are now sold to different processing plants in Ukraine (in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava, Lugansk. Kirovograd regions and others).
  • There is a permission to sell live pigs for slaughtering to Russia:
  • Farm # 7 of Agro-Soyuz’s Pig production Department was appoved (May 2011) by the regional department of veterinary medicine.
  • Agro-Soyuz was included into a queue waiting for approval of «Rosselkhoznadzor» (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveilance) — the authority that establishes a list of suppliers to Russia.
  • A test batch of pigs (150 pigs) was exported to Georgia (September 2011). The Buyer is a processing plant «Lilly». Now the shipments are regular.


Pig farmingReproduction: Continuous system of intensive reproduction.

Housing: Cold group housing of animals on deep straw bedding.

The farm implements a technology of continuous pork production with a 7-day rhythm, which allows to release products in equal time periods and in batches of specific size and quality.

Main principles of the technology:

  • Hoop structures;
  • Natural ventilation;
  • Ad-libitum feeding from gravity flow feeders;
  • Free access to water;
  • Spray cooling in summer.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Reduction (minimization) of costs for permanent structures;
  • Savings on heating and lighting;
  • Efficient use of facilities, machines, equipment, animals (sows and boars), labor and other material resources;
  • High growth rate of animals with minimum expenditures, which results in increased intensity of production;
  • Increase of labor productivity.

Specifications of production

Pig farming

Annual production capacity — 190,000 pigs

Total number of pigs — 23,794

Grow/finish herd — 22 247 pigs


  • (3-breed hybrid) Landrace x Yorkshire x Pietren, Yorkshire x Landrace x Duroc
  • (4- breed hybrid) Large White x Landrace x Hampshire x Pietren.

These hybrids allow to obtain lean high quality pork with a backfat thickness not exceeding 2 cm.

Pig farming

Key facilities:

  • Total number of finishing hangars — 225.
  • Sow barn — 1.

Perspectives of development of pig production at «Agro-Soyuz»

  • Export of pork (live weight) — 2,000 pigs per month
  • Achievement of 98% survivability rate
  • Establishment of a full-cycle production.