Dairy farming

Dairy farming is one of promising areas of agriculture. Using a systems approach and modern technologies you can convert it into a highly profitable and continuously developing agribusiness.

The dairy farming of Agro-Soyuz Holding is based on search and studying of efficient, low-cost, energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies with their further testing, analysis, adoption and dissemination.

The Order of the Ministry of Agriculture # 310 dd. February 22, 2002 granted a status of a livestock breeding farm to Private Joint-Stock Company (former Closed Joint-Stock Company) Agro-Soyuz.

In 2009 Agro-Soyuz’s dairy farm was added to the Register of special raw-material zones as the enterprise the products of which can be used for baby and dietary food production.


Free-stall management of animals in non-heated hangars

Dairy farmingMain principles of the technology:

  • High producing cows
  • Constant access of animals to feed and water
  • Non-heated buildings
  • Sand bedding
  • Milking parlors
  • Year-round one-type feeding with TMR
  • Optimum environment

Effects (advantages) of the technology:

  • Incomes are growing faster (due to the growth of product’s quality and quantity) -compared with expenditures.
  • Guaranteed amount of high-quality milk.
  • Maximum utilization of animals’ potential considering their natural requirements to housing, feeding and milking.

Dairy farmingAgro-Soyuz’s specialists managed to achieve maximum realization of the herd’s genetic potential with minimum investment due to optimization of milk production processes, i.e.:

  • Adoption of continuous milk flow system;
  • Organization of all production processes according to ‘just in time’ principle;
  • Use of Dairy Comp 305 software to manage the herd;
  • Daily collection and processing of information;
  • Control and management of physiological and productive parameters.

These tools allowed to unite all milk production processes into a single mechanism: raising of young animals — feeding — milking — housing — reproduction — health.

Production specifications:

Total herd— 4 472 heads

Average herd of milking cows — 2 000 heads.

Average daily milk yield per 1 cow — 28,9 l/day

Breed: Holstein cows of European selection

MilkProduct: Milk (World class quality)

Quality indicators:

  • fat — 3,46%,
  • protein — 3,24%


SSC, thousand/ml

Bacterial count,

USA, Grade A



Ukraine, Superior quality



PrJSC “Agro-Soyuz”

110 — 120 (150)

2 — 4 (<10)

Perspectives of development

The program «Changing management system in the dairy farming» will allow to achieve the following indicators:




Daily milk yield per 1 cow



Culling rate



% of pregnant cows in the herd

% over the year


Feed conversion (per unit of produced product)



Somatic cells count in milk